Matthew Brady

5830 Tesoro Dr NE · Rockford, MI · 49341 · (708) 205-3738 ·

Experienced in marketing research analytics building data collection, data processing, analysis, reporting and visualization tools.

I've recently completed the AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty and AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certifications and am interested in working with the AWS suite of analytics tools.

Interested in roles using AWS services such as Glue, Kinesis, Redshift, EMR, Data Pipeline, SAM, Spark, Kafka and Elasticsearch. I enjoy working in the Python ecosystem and am looking for interesting Data Engineer or Cloud Engineer positions.

Currently building marketing research analytics solutions for automotive brand tracking programs using a variety of software development tools such as Java, MongoDB, Pyramid, Python, Airflow, Spring, SQL Alchemy, Pandas and XLSXWriter. We provide these services to the worlds leading automotive manufacturers.

I would like to use the Snowflake platform.

If this sounds interesting message me.



Python/Java/SQL Developer

Escalent (formerly Morpace)
  • Developing custom analytics solutions for global automotive brand awareness tracking programs using Python, Pyramid, SQLAlchemy, Pandas and XLSXWriter.
  • Built app that pulls objects from S3 for data processing.
  • Develop web app for tracking automotive brands used in survey research using Tomcat, CentOS, Java, Spring and MongoDB.
  • Perform batch ETL using Pentaho Data Integration to aggregate data for OLAP databases.
  • April 2016 - Present

    Web Developer

    Abt Associates
    • Built Data Collection Systems for 40+ projects using Javascript/HTML/CSS, MSSQL Server.
    • Lead Developer of Centers for Disease Control (CDC) study of Influenza Vaccination Coverage Among Health Care Personnel — United States, 2014–15 Influenza Season.
    • Assisted with programming CDC study of Pregnant Women and Flu Vaccination, Internet Panel Survey, United States, November 2014
    • Assisted with backend operations relating to ABC-Washington Post tracking polls in the 2012 Presidential Election.
    • Lead Developer for Maricopa County Household Travel Study.
    • Created prototype application for Harvard Business School survey on U.S. Competitiveness using LinkedIn API.
    • Integrate Javascript user agent detection library into legacy data collection application (Voxco).
    • August 2012 - October 2015

      Software Developer

      Foodservice Research Institute
      • Development for menu item trend tracking application using Java, SQL, Spring and Hibernate
      • Confirmit and SPSS Data Collection (Unicom) programming for nationwide foodservice brand tracking survey.
      • Designed and Maintained company websites using Joomla/Wordpress.
      • Use Caspio to create a school lunch menu item tracker app for foodservice manufacturers.
      • Replaced data entry MSSQL backend with MySQL.
      • Programmed custom phone dialer using Snom click-to-call API.
      • Administered Salesforce environment for company.
      • January 2002 - Sept 2012


        Amazon Web Services (AWS)

        Solutions Architect Associate
        Certificate Verification
        June 2020

        Amazon Web Services (AWS)

        Data Analytics Specialty
        Certificate Verification
        July 2021

        DePaul University

        Java Developer Program Certification
        November 18th, 2009


        Programming Languages & Tools
        Honorable Mentions
        • Airflow, AWS, CentOS, Docker, ETL, Jupyter, Linux
        • MongoDB, MySQL, Node.js, Pandas, Pentaho, Postgresql
        • Pyramid, Python, Spring, SQLAlchemy, Tableau


        I love cars, engines and anything that runs on gas.

        Camping on a new Michigan body of water every weekend in the summer time is my idea of a great time.

        I love researching old obscure technology and learning about the future.

        Enjoyer of old Simpsons references.

        I built this resume after listening to guidance from the Cloud Resume Challenge