Matt Brady - Husband, Writer, Worship Pastor

Matt Brady

Husband, Writer, Worship Pastor

I Am The Gospel

WORDS“The medium is the message.”

I was thinking on this quote recently, from a book called “Flickering Pixels” by Shane Hipps. He is quoting from Marshall McLuhan, who writes about media and the impact it has on society. The book is a worthwhile read, but it got me to thinking, if I am the message, what message is my life “speaking” or “preaching” to other people?

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A Life of Love

WORDSAs an avid book reader, I can spend countless hours roaming down the aisles of a book store, standing slightly askew with my neck craned, trying to read the titles and author names on the spines of the books. If one strikes my fancy, I will pull it off of the shelf, look at the cover, and perhaps leaf through a few pages to decide if it is worth a read. I always gravitate towards the same sections in bookstores: fiction, inspiration, biography, history, and the clearance section!

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What To Do When The Words Won’t Come

WORDSSometimes I sit down at my computer to write, and as I stare at the blinking cursor, nothing comes to mind. I stare and I stare… counting the seconds between the flashes that remind me the cursor wants to move on down the page.
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A Sense of Wonder


I remember the exact day that I was able to share my first published book with a captive audience. It had just been put together and I shared from it’s pages to a group of peers, perched carefully under the shade of large, old tree. Most of the words were heartfelt, but it was mostly a narrative adventure, with full color illustrations throughout. My expertise did not include cover design, but I did the best I could with the tools available to me.

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It’s Time To Hit The Start Button

wordsByMattBrady511This past week has been filled with vacation bible school, which ran from Sunday to Thursday night. There is always a ton of energy, mass chaos, and lots of children being led from one activity to another. My favorite part is the time we spend together in the sanctuary, singing crazy worship songs and watching even crazier performances and bible stories.

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One Moment At A Time

Today I find myself in the midst of several different projects that are vying for my attention. I have a rather important seminary paper that is due tomorrow night, a church website to comb through and make updates and corrections on, a welcome packet idea to sketch out and update, as well as a number of other lingering ideas that never seem to leave my brain.

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Fairness Is Overrated by Tim Stevens

Fairness Is Overrated by Tim StevensTim Steven’s new book, “Fairness Is Overrated”, provides 52 leadership principles in short, readable chapters. The principles and tips are in four parts, and help further refine the focus of each section. The chapters are not long, averaging no more than a few pages each, and you can chose to read a lot or a little, and still glean a great deal from the book.

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